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Update: Securing notes in the future


Due to the latest problems with corrupted databases we have made some change to how data is stored in MobisleNotes. In order to avoid any similar situations in the future we have made sure that the app automatically makes a copy of the database on to the SD-card (if there is no SD-card you will get a warning). Everything is done automatically after installation and no special settings are required. If there is an older copy of the MobisleApps database on the SD-card the first time you start the app after installation you will get a prompt asking you if you what to import that database.

You also have the option to move the database to another phone. This is easiest done with the “manual backup” feature available under the settings menu. There you can request the app to save your database to a manual file which you then can import into the new phone. Please remember that the database on the new phone will be overwritten.

This feature is available in the new update, 1.35 in the Android Market.

//MobisleApps – Team

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2 Comments on “Update: Securing notes in the future”

  1. 1 Philip said at 4:59 pm on February 11th, 2010:

    How about the ability to organize notes? For example, I have 10 different Pack Lists.. cold weather, camping, international travel, etc It would be nice to be able to further put ALL pack lists in 1 “pack List” notes folder and then have the 10 Pack Lists notes IN that folder. For now, all 10 pack lists just sit in a long list with all the other notes.

  2. 2 Susana Hristodoulakis said at 2:34 am on March 26th, 2010:

    I really enjoy your apps. But, would like to know if there is a way to sort the list.
    Thank you.