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We entered Travelhack 2011

So this weekend we entered the competition Travelhack 2011 that was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal was to come up with a digital service, an app in our case, which where to aid travelers and help them travel more sustainable.

“TravelHack is launched as a service innovation competition with a special focus to improve how people travel in a sustainable manner.” 

Our idea named “go’ tid” (translates into “in good time”) was to make both public transport and car travel more reliable and there for an easier choice. If there where to be a traffic congestion the app would offer an alternativ travel route by public transport instead. To the right you can see a screen of the app.

Although we did not win the competition we are very happy with the result an proud of what we where able to accomplish in only 24 ours. All of the guys made a remarkable achievement and performance. Good work team MobisleApps – Martin, David, Per, Dean and Christoffer

Unfortunately the product at this time is only made for the Swedish market but we will be looking in to expanding markets outside of Sweden.

Go check it out on Facebook. (Only Swedish information unfortunately)

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