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New MobisleNotes!


We have been busy but it’s finally here: the biggest update in MobisleNotes’s history!

We have built a whole new web sync. It will store all your notes in the MobisleNotes cloud completely free so you will never lose a note again! In addition you can now edit your notes from any device, Android, iPhone and iPad and via your Mac or PC by visiting With the Premium features you can now also share your notes to anyone and even have other MobisleNotes users collaborate with you on a list or note. For example you can make a shopping list together with your spouse and it will be updated directly.

Besides the new web sync, we have made a lot of improvements and tweaks to the app. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Updated and refined design
  • Folder support (you guys have really asked for this)
  • Global search
  • Trash – recover deleted notes
  • Swipe to trash (iOS)
  • Lock text editing/check-off mode
  • Share your notes with anyone over the web
  • Collaborate on notes in real time
  • New widgets with ICS (4.0) support for scrolling and re-sizing (Android)
  • Completely new iPad interface with retina support

We are very happy about the outcome and MobisleNotes is now nearing the product we always envisioned. We’d love it if you tried it out, and give us any feedback you might have. We hope you’ll love it!


MobisleNotes for Android
MobisleNotes for iPhone and iPad 

Read more about MobisleNotes at

Side notes:

  1. We are getting a few questions about the the Gdrive version of MobisleNotes for Android (formerly “Pro” and “Gdoc”) and our intention is to update this app with minor changes but it will be kept as a separate product that only syncs with Google Docs. Anyone that would like to switch from the Gdocs app can send us an e-mail and we will work something out. Be sure we want to keep our loyal users happy.
  2. The old sync for iOS is going to be discontinued within a few months and will NO LONGER work. All your data will be transferred through the app and make sure to update to the latest version as soon as possible.
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