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An update!

We’re sorry for not posting in a while. We haven’t been lazy though. A lot of things are happening, and especially with Maybe. Since August last year most of our efforts have been focused on making a new great social network for dating. On the 10th of February, a few days before valentines day, we finally launched our service in Sweden. Since then over 10 000 users have joined and we are very happy with the feedback we’ve gotten so far. The service is constantly evolving and we are making some changes in the upcoming weeks to make the service even more social. Within a few weeks we will continue to expand the service outside Swedish boarders into the nordic regions. After the summer we are hoping to  have reached a few bigger markets in Europe. Want to help us out? Pre-signup for the service at so we can launch in your country as soon as possible.

We continue to improve MobisleNotes but are currently planning the future for the service and what direction it should take. More info on this later.

At Mobisleapps we want to contribute to a good cause while we work on our services. Therefor we decided to partner with Plan Sweden and become a “friend company” supporting a project in Zambia against child marriage.

In addition to all this we have also shifted two office locations, both in Gothenburg where we will soon get an office with a great view, and in Stockholm where we have joined the great start-up Wrapp in their new office space in Vasastan. Here we have the perfect productive environment alongside many other companies such as Bambuser and Aevy.

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