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New catch import in MobisleNotes


When we heard the sad news that Catch was closing down their app and sync-service we decided to make an import tool as quick as possible.

For users who were able to download a ZIP-file with information can now go to the MobisleNotes-website, create an account and then press the button at the top to import their information.


We are welcoming every former Catch-user with open arms!

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An update!

We’re sorry for not posting in a while. We haven’t been lazy though. A lot of things are happening, and especially with Maybe. Since August last year most of our efforts have been focused on making a new great social network for dating. On the 10th of February, a few days before valentines day, we finally launched our service in Sweden. Since then over 10 000 users have joined and we are very happy with the feedback we’ve gotten so far. The service is constantly evolving and we are making some changes in the upcoming weeks to make the service even more social. Within a few weeks we will continue to expand the service outside Swedish boarders into the nordic regions. After the summer we are hoping to  have reached a few bigger markets in Europe. Want to help us out? Pre-signup for the service at so we can launch in your country as soon as possible.

We continue to improve MobisleNotes but are currently planning the future for the service and what direction it should take. More info on this later.

At Mobisleapps we want to contribute to a good cause while we work on our services. Therefor we decided to partner with Plan Sweden and become a “friend company” supporting a project in Zambia against child marriage.

In addition to all this we have also shifted two office locations, both in Gothenburg where we will soon get an office with a great view, and in Stockholm where we have joined the great start-up Wrapp in their new office space in Vasastan. Here we have the perfect productive environment alongside many other companies such as Bambuser and Aevy.

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New MobisleNotes!


We have been busy but it’s finally here: the biggest update in MobisleNotes’s history!

We have built a whole new web sync. It will store all your notes in the MobisleNotes cloud completely free so you will never lose a note again! In addition you can now edit your notes from any device, Android, iPhone and iPad and via your Mac or PC by visiting With the Premium features you can now also share your notes to anyone and even have other MobisleNotes users collaborate with you on a list or note. For example you can make a shopping list together with your spouse and it will be updated directly.

Besides the new web sync, we have made a lot of improvements and tweaks to the app. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Updated and refined design
  • Folder support (you guys have really asked for this)
  • Global search
  • Trash – recover deleted notes
  • Swipe to trash (iOS)
  • Lock text editing/check-off mode
  • Share your notes with anyone over the web
  • Collaborate on notes in real time
  • New widgets with ICS (4.0) support for scrolling and re-sizing (Android)
  • Completely new iPad interface with retina support

We are very happy about the outcome and MobisleNotes is now nearing the product we always envisioned. We’d love it if you tried it out, and give us any feedback you might have. We hope you’ll love it!


MobisleNotes for Android
MobisleNotes for iPhone and iPad 

Read more about MobisleNotes at

Side notes:

  1. We are getting a few questions about the the Gdrive version of MobisleNotes for Android (formerly “Pro” and “Gdoc”) and our intention is to update this app with minor changes but it will be kept as a separate product that only syncs with Google Docs. Anyone that would like to switch from the Gdocs app can send us an e-mail and we will work something out. Be sure we want to keep our loyal users happy.
  2. The old sync for iOS is going to be discontinued within a few months and will NO LONGER work. All your data will be transferred through the app and make sure to update to the latest version as soon as possible.
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Hack weekend became “Datey”

So this weekend we decided to get our minds off MobisleNotes and all the consultant work we’re doing for a while and create something brand new. To get the most out of it we decided to move to a non-office environment to get a more fun and playful feeling towards the whole project. This was an important experiment since we on the one hand wanted to create a new exciting app running but at the same time we wanted to learn new stuff.

As the weekend started we decided to go for a dating app concept, since we had done work for a client a couple of months ago touching on this area that never materialized. This meant that some of the earlier stages of the app construction could be reused but we still had to create a completely new backend, frontend and API. Also we worked on both iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 simultaneously, so it obviously wasn’t a walk in the park. The biggest challenge we faced was dealing with a new database structure, NoSQL, which proved to be quite a challenge. It has the ability to handle big amounts of unstructured data in a fast and effective way but lacks some of the searchability of a regular SQL server. We are still figuring out the last details but it feels good to have it under control.

We have named the app Datey and will hopefully start trying it out in Sweden within a couple of weeks. We’re taking a simple approach to the dating and want to avoid any complicated signup processes, forced information requests and huge monthly fees. We also want to make a dating service for everyday people, and not focus just on the people that have a hard time finding dates normally, which is the focus of the market today. In order to make this much smoother we decided to initially go for the Facebook sign-up/sign in procedure which will help the community fill up with basic information and pictures. We have also devised our own super-smart “datey-ratio” that will help people match up based on our own secret formula.

We have set up a pre-signup page were users can sign up before we go live, so hopefully we will have many anticipating singles in the community from the start. Once the app is up and running in Sweden we will launch this site in other countries and once we reach a critical mass we will go live.

Any help of spreading the word will help the app travel the world. So sign up here and help us create the best dating experience around.

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MobisleNotes hit 200 000+ active installs on Android

We are happy to announce that we as of last week reached over 200 000 active installs of MobisleNotes for Android. Only <3% of these are on Android 1.6 which is very handy.

This is very exciting as we are currently in the finishing phases of taking MobisleNotes to a completely new level (I know we have said this for some time now but we rather do it right than fast). Anyone wanna join the Beta can kindly send us a and e-mail at


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We entered Travelhack 2011

So this weekend we entered the competition Travelhack 2011 that was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal was to come up with a digital service, an app in our case, which where to aid travelers and help them travel more sustainable.

“TravelHack is launched as a service innovation competition with a special focus to improve how people travel in a sustainable manner.” 

Our idea named “go’ tid” (translates into “in good time”) was to make both public transport and car travel more reliable and there for an easier choice. If there where to be a traffic congestion the app would offer an alternativ travel route by public transport instead. To the right you can see a screen of the app.

Although we did not win the competition we are very happy with the result an proud of what we where able to accomplish in only 24 ours. All of the guys made a remarkable achievement and performance. Good work team MobisleApps – Martin, David, Per, Dean and Christoffer

Unfortunately the product at this time is only made for the Swedish market but we will be looking in to expanding markets outside of Sweden.

Go check it out on Facebook. (Only Swedish information unfortunately)

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7th of October 2011 4

Problem with backups


There have been a few comments and questions regarding problems with the backup. We are aware of the problem but we have no good solution in sight. Here is an explanation from our dev team:

Unfortunately there is a bug in the Android OS that is caused by certain SD-cards. Android mistakenly assumes that the database is corrupt. Older versions of Android responds to this by crashing, while never versions instead deletes all data and gives the app an empty database. Currently there are no efficient way to import the notes into MobisleNotes. However it is still possible to recover the notes to your computer if they are important. Also we are currently working on a workaround to this problem, and with the next release this issue will be solved.

One way to retrieve your notes is if you connect your phone to your computer you can mount the sd-card, so it can be accessed from the computer. Your backups are in the folder “MobisleNotes”. If you want you can mail the database to us, and we will extract them for you and send them back. This would be done automatically and no one would read your notes.

To manually extract your notes you will need a database-manager. If you are using firefox as your browser, one of the simplest way is to use an add-on called “SQLite Manager”. This program will be able to open the database-file. After you have installed the add-on, in firefox click “Tools” and choose “SQLite Manager”. First open the database. Your notes can be extracted like this: In the menu to the left, select the backup file. Click “Tables”, then “notes” and choose “Export”. Here you can configure the settings of the export, but just click “ok” to export your notes as a csv-file. Some redundant data will also be in the file, but your notes should be fully readable.

Update 120117: There is no solution in sight for this problem and as we are introducing a free web-sync in the upcoming version we are phasing out the automatic backup within a few versions. Anyone that have experienced this problem will be rewarded with 1 year premium subscription of the new service. More on this when we have launched the new version. 

Update 111201: This bug only occurs on HTC phones and we have ongoing  support from HTC to solve it. If you experiencing this issue on an other manufacturer, please let us know.   



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What is the main reason for buying (or considering buying) our Pro version?

Please swing by Facebook and leave your answer:

MobisleApps on Facebook

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What we have been doing

Hi everyone,

We have been busy this summer. Allot of work has been done improving and developing MobisleNotes, both for Android and iOS. The long awaited update will among other features have a folder option and a brand new web-sync with our own web-interface. We have worked hard on the stability and performance of the iOS version which we know isn’t the greatest right now.

The app has been completely re-built with major improvements as a result.  With the new web-sync users with an Android phone and for example an iPad will be able to seamlessly edit their notes on both devices.  Stay tuned for the beta release invite release.

We have made a few apps for our costumers as well. One of them was an App for the popular nightclub “Port du Soleil” in Gothenburg. We are very happy with the result and the feature to incorporate the Facebook “check in” as a VIP-card (VAPP) we managed to create a viral social loop.

If you would like to check it out:



(Unfortunately only descriptions in Swedish)


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18th of March 2011 3

Review of Mobisle Notes by All things Android

All things Android UK has reviewed our MobisleNotes app for Android. Go check it out:

Read more on allthingsandroiduk

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