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For the last couple of months we here at MobisleApps have been working on an exiting new app in a joint venture with navigation services company Appello. It’s an app that uses traffic data in whole new way and puts it to everyday good use for drivers everywhere. We’re calling it NeverLate, and it’s launching for Android very soon.

The problem with traffic data is that even though readily available in most navigation systems, you don’t run your navigation systems most of the time you’re driving because you already know your way around. And traffic disruptions happen so seldom that you don’t turn it on to check because it’s more work than it’s worth. Besides this, even if you do turn it on to check and discover a disruption, you’re most likely already in your car at the regular time you should be leaving, making it so you end up late anyway. This doesn’t make traffic data very useful.

NeverLate turns this all around. It’s a personal traffic assistant that keeps track of all your routes for you, and alerts you only if there’s a traffic situation that requires your attention. NeverLate has your back, whether you’re sleeping or doing whatever, and alerts you in due time so you have time to get ready and leave whenever you have to leave to your destination in time. It’s technology at its finest, invisible until you need it. If you’re driving, you will never have to be late for anything again.

Where currently working very hard to put in the finishing touches on NeverLate and trimming in the traffic data algorithms to make it work as flawlessly as possible, and hoping to launch very soon. If you want to become a premium beta user go to Appello’s website and sign up, and you’ll be kept posted.

With this app where doing Android first due to the greater freedom of the platform, but everything going as planned, look forward to an iPhone version in the not too distant future.

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Hack weekend became “Datey”

So this weekend we decided to get our minds off MobisleNotes and all the consultant work we’re doing for a while and create something brand new. To get the most out of it we decided to move to a non-office environment to get a more fun and playful feeling towards the whole project. This was an important experiment since we on the one hand wanted to create a new exciting app running but at the same time we wanted to learn new stuff.

As the weekend started we decided to go for a dating app concept, since we had done work for a client a couple of months ago touching on this area that never materialized. This meant that some of the earlier stages of the app construction could be reused but we still had to create a completely new backend, frontend and API. Also we worked on both iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 simultaneously, so it obviously wasn’t a walk in the park. The biggest challenge we faced was dealing with a new database structure, NoSQL, which proved to be quite a challenge. It has the ability to handle big amounts of unstructured data in a fast and effective way but lacks some of the searchability of a regular SQL server. We are still figuring out the last details but it feels good to have it under control.

We have named the app Datey and will hopefully start trying it out in Sweden within a couple of weeks. We’re taking a simple approach to the dating and want to avoid any complicated signup processes, forced information requests and huge monthly fees. We also want to make a dating service for everyday people, and not focus just on the people that have a hard time finding dates normally, which is the focus of the market today. In order to make this much smoother we decided to initially go for the Facebook sign-up/sign in procedure which will help the community fill up with basic information and pictures. We have also devised our own super-smart “datey-ratio” that will help people match up based on our own secret formula.

We have set up a pre-signup page were users can sign up before we go live, so hopefully we will have many anticipating singles in the community from the start. Once the app is up and running in Sweden we will launch this site in other countries and once we reach a critical mass we will go live.

Any help of spreading the word will help the app travel the world. So sign up here and help us create the best dating experience around.

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MobisleApps built iPhone app “Snörapporten” is live!

We are proud to announce the brand new iPhone app , Snörapporten, that we built for the Swedish Ski lift Organisation (SLAO).

The app will give you information about snow depth, open lifts and slopes, avalanche warnings, web cameras and much more from around 70 ski resorts in Sweden. App only in Swedish at the moment. Go check it out!

SLAOS Website

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MobisleNotes Pro and Lite 2.0 are live!

Hello people!

As we continue to improve our apps we now have another exciting release. We have updated the free version of our popular MobisleNotes app, now named “Lite”, and are very happy to announce that our long awaited Pro version is now finally available. We have finally been allowed to sell apps as Swedish developers!

MobisleNotes Pro in Android Market

Mobisle Notes Lite now includes:

  • New improved design according to the new guidelines
  • Move the app to the SD card
  • Removed “free” from the app name

Mobisle Notes Pro features, besides the above:

  • Widget
  • Shortcuts
  • Move items within a checklist
  • Google Docs sync
  • And much more to come

We hope you like this update and once again would like to thank all the users that have supplied us with much needed feedback on our app which has helped us improve it even more.

Check it out here on Doubletwist or scan the barcode above.

Please watch the video for a walkthrouh of the new stuff:

26th of October 2010 11

Notes Pro sneak peek


So the 2.0 update and the Notes Pro are taking a little longer then we expected.

New design guidelines

We are sorry for this but the only way we do it is in the way of perfection. We want to give you the best user experience and an app that are at the very top when it comes to design and functionality.

We would like to give you a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming update and the release of Mobisle Notes Pro.

To start of we have updated the app to the new guidelines Google has presented and witch can be found in the official Twitter app for Android and the last update of the Facebook app Android.We have changed the look both in the free version and in the pro version. Not seen here is also a loading wheel next to the “edit”-button.

We get load of e-mails, comments and tweets about a widget. And it’s finally here.


We wanted to give it a look as if you ripped one of the pages of the pad and pined it on the wall. Unfortunately widgets are very limited in terms of functionality but we are very happy with the result.

You are able to switch between Checklist and Plain text as you normally do and the widget will update. A press of the widget till take you in to the note since the interaction with is very limited.

Rest assure we are working very hard to get the Pro version and the 2.0 update up and running as soon as posible.

Thank you for all the great feedback!

26th of May 2010 10

Release: MobisleNotes ToDo v1.5

We have just released a big update of our popular notes/to-do app MobisleNotes for Android with a lot of new exciting features. We’ve tried to satisfy most of our users by adding a bunch of frequently requested features:

Password protection – Your notes can now have passwords for extra security. This is done by setting a master password and then pressing the meny-button inside a note, then “Lock”. The password is restricted to numbers.

Reminders - An alarm function is now available for every note. The alarm will show up in the notification bar and can be set individually on every note.

Language support – As a BETA feature we are now trying out the possibility to have different language supports in Mobisle Notes. We will kindly receive improvement suggestions from users since we do not master all supported languages and have to rely on internet translators. At the moment we support : English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Swedish.

Preformance and stability - We are constantly working to improve overall stability and performance of our apps and have made major work in this latest patch to insure an even smother “ride”.

GUI enhancements – You can now sort your notes by using “drag and drop”. This is done by pressing the “Edit” button and then dragging the symbol to the left. In checklist mode the checked items will now slide to the bottom and reverse if you uncheck them.


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DEMO presentation of our Rebtel app

Here’s the video from the presentation of our Rebtel app in action at the DEMO Conference in Desert Springs. The Rebtel guys did a great job. Thanks guys!

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MobisleApps and Rebtel release Android app to revolutionize telephony


We are very proud to have been given the trust to work with Rebtel to create their first Android app. Rebtel is a revolutionary telephony service that eliminates the high fees of international calling by routing the calls over the Internet. The result of our collaboration is truly remarkable. We think that this app may have great impact on the way people make international phone calls and really shake up the concept of  international roaming.

Thanks to the openness of the Android platform we have been able to make an app that can make use of Rebtel’s calling service without altering their existing calling behavior in any way. This will give anyone with an Android phone a way to save big money on international calls just by installing the Android app and singing up for Rebtel. And to top it all off: if both ends of the call use the Rebtel Android app, the international part of your call will be completely free!

MobisleApps and Rebtel are really proud of this accomplishment and hope you will like it as much as we do. Please make sure to check out the Beta release, just now presented at the DEMO Conference and very soon available on the Android Market. Search for “Rebtel” or scan the barcode below.

Rebtel Android Market

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