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New catch import in MobisleNotes


When we heard the sad news that Catch was closing down their app and sync-service we decided to make an import tool as quick as possible.

For users who were able to download a ZIP-file with information can now go to the MobisleNotes-website, create an account and then press the button at the top to import their information.


We are welcoming every former Catch-user with open arms!

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New MobisleNotes!


We have been busy but it’s finally here: the biggest update in MobisleNotes’s history!

We have built a whole new web sync. It will store all your notes in the MobisleNotes cloud completely free so you will never lose a note again! In addition you can now edit your notes from any device, Android, iPhone and iPad and via your Mac or PC by visiting With the Premium features you can now also share your notes to anyone and even have other MobisleNotes users collaborate with you on a list or note. For example you can make a shopping list together with your spouse and it will be updated directly.

Besides the new web sync, we have made a lot of improvements and tweaks to the app. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Updated and refined design
  • Folder support (you guys have really asked for this)
  • Global search
  • Trash – recover deleted notes
  • Swipe to trash (iOS)
  • Lock text editing/check-off mode
  • Share your notes with anyone over the web
  • Collaborate on notes in real time
  • New widgets with ICS (4.0) support for scrolling and re-sizing (Android)
  • Completely new iPad interface with retina support

We are very happy about the outcome and MobisleNotes is now nearing the product we always envisioned. We’d love it if you tried it out, and give us any feedback you might have. We hope you’ll love it!


MobisleNotes for Android
MobisleNotes for iPhone and iPad 

Read more about MobisleNotes at

Side notes:

  1. We are getting a few questions about the the Gdrive version of MobisleNotes for Android (formerly “Pro” and “Gdoc”) and our intention is to update this app with minor changes but it will be kept as a separate product that only syncs with Google Docs. Anyone that would like to switch from the Gdocs app can send us an e-mail and we will work something out. Be sure we want to keep our loyal users happy.
  2. The old sync for iOS is going to be discontinued within a few months and will NO LONGER work. All your data will be transferred through the app and make sure to update to the latest version as soon as possible.
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Hack weekend became “Datey”

So this weekend we decided to get our minds off MobisleNotes and all the consultant work we’re doing for a while and create something brand new. To get the most out of it we decided to move to a non-office environment to get a more fun and playful feeling towards the whole project. This was an important experiment since we on the one hand wanted to create a new exciting app running but at the same time we wanted to learn new stuff.

As the weekend started we decided to go for a dating app concept, since we had done work for a client a couple of months ago touching on this area that never materialized. This meant that some of the earlier stages of the app construction could be reused but we still had to create a completely new backend, frontend and API. Also we worked on both iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 simultaneously, so it obviously wasn’t a walk in the park. The biggest challenge we faced was dealing with a new database structure, NoSQL, which proved to be quite a challenge. It has the ability to handle big amounts of unstructured data in a fast and effective way but lacks some of the searchability of a regular SQL server. We are still figuring out the last details but it feels good to have it under control.

We have named the app Datey and will hopefully start trying it out in Sweden within a couple of weeks. We’re taking a simple approach to the dating and want to avoid any complicated signup processes, forced information requests and huge monthly fees. We also want to make a dating service for everyday people, and not focus just on the people that have a hard time finding dates normally, which is the focus of the market today. In order to make this much smoother we decided to initially go for the Facebook sign-up/sign in procedure which will help the community fill up with basic information and pictures. We have also devised our own super-smart “datey-ratio” that will help people match up based on our own secret formula.

We have set up a pre-signup page were users can sign up before we go live, so hopefully we will have many anticipating singles in the community from the start. Once the app is up and running in Sweden we will launch this site in other countries and once we reach a critical mass we will go live.

Any help of spreading the word will help the app travel the world. So sign up here and help us create the best dating experience around.

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8th of December 2010 18

MobisleNotes Pro and Lite 2.0 are live!

Hello people!

As we continue to improve our apps we now have another exciting release. We have updated the free version of our popular MobisleNotes app, now named “Lite”, and are very happy to announce that our long awaited Pro version is now finally available. We have finally been allowed to sell apps as Swedish developers!

MobisleNotes Pro in Android Market

Mobisle Notes Lite now includes:

  • New improved design according to the new guidelines
  • Move the app to the SD card
  • Removed “free” from the app name

Mobisle Notes Pro features, besides the above:

  • Widget
  • Shortcuts
  • Move items within a checklist
  • Google Docs sync
  • And much more to come

We hope you like this update and once again would like to thank all the users that have supplied us with much needed feedback on our app which has helped us improve it even more.

Check it out here on Doubletwist or scan the barcode above.

Please watch the video for a walkthrouh of the new stuff:

11th of August 2010 15

Mobisle Notes 1.8

We have just released an other update of Mobisle Notes for Android. In addition to bug fixes and optimization we added these features:

Indentation - You are now able to make sub categories within a checklist. This is done by swiping with your finger from one side to an other. This feature needs to be turned on in the settings menu.

Restore deleted notes – If you would like to recover a deleted list there is now a settings option to do that. “Settings -> Backup -> Restore deleted note”. A deleted note will be kept in the trash for 2 weeks.

Backup preview – For users with Android 2.2 (Froyo) there is now a new backup system witch allow you to preview the different backups inorder to avoid choosing an old backup.

URL and phone number links – There is now an option to make phone numbers and links clickable in a note. This feature needs to be turned on in the settings menu.

Improved language support – We have improved some of the translations in the app and added support for Dutch, Polish, Italian, Russian. This is all thanks to the wonderful support from dedicated users.

Special thanks to:
Suzanne (Dutch)
Kirill Shamilin (Russian)
Igor Paraskeva (Russian)
Hannes Klauser (German)
Dominik Eder (German)
Daniel R. (Portugese)
Luca Minardi (Italian)
Daniele Arrighi (Italian)
Przemysław Załęski (Polish)


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