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MobisleNotes hit 200 000+ active installs on Android

We are happy to announce that we as of last week reached over 200 000 active installs of MobisleNotes for Android. Only <3% of these are on Android 1.6 which is very handy.

This is very exciting as we are currently in the finishing phases of taking MobisleNotes to a completely new level (I know we have said this for some time now but we rather do it right than fast). Anyone wanna join the Beta can kindly send us a and e-mail at


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8th of December 2010 18

MobisleNotes Pro and Lite 2.0 are live!

Hello people!

As we continue to improve our apps we now have another exciting release. We have updated the free version of our popular MobisleNotes app, now named “Lite”, and are very happy to announce that our long awaited Pro version is now finally available. We have finally been allowed to sell apps as Swedish developers!

MobisleNotes Pro in Android Market

Mobisle Notes Lite now includes:

  • New improved design according to the new guidelines
  • Move the app to the SD card
  • Removed “free” from the app name

Mobisle Notes Pro features, besides the above:

  • Widget
  • Shortcuts
  • Move items within a checklist
  • Google Docs sync
  • And much more to come

We hope you like this update and once again would like to thank all the users that have supplied us with much needed feedback on our app which has helped us improve it even more.

Check it out here on Doubletwist or scan the barcode above.

Please watch the video for a walkthrouh of the new stuff:

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Sign our petition to allow paid apps for all countries on the Android Market

Hello everyone!

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that we are frustrated, to say the least, about not being able to survive as a company on just making great apps and releasing them on the Android Market. Why is this? Well, being in Sweden, Google won’t allow us to sell our apps on the official market for Android apps that they control. The Android Market is now almost two years old, so we ask ourselves, how can this be? Google, wake up!

If worse comes to worse and Google can’t see this as a problem and do something about it, we have to move on to another platform where we can make great apps and get something back for it. If you want to help us out, and you think that this is an outrage too, we’d love nothing more than for you to sign the petition we’ve started to try and get Google to acknowledge this problem and fix it. Please visit the petition and sign it now and get the word out to all your friends and followers so we can keep on making the Android Market a better place for everyone.

(And to the happy users of our current Android apps we just want to assure you that signing this petition will not risk you having to pay for the free apps you’re already using today. These will always stay free. But we’ve had many users asking for premium features that we just can’t put time into developing if we can’t get paid for our effort.)

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MobisleApps and Rebtel release Android app to revolutionize telephony


We are very proud to have been given the trust to work with Rebtel to create their first Android app. Rebtel is a revolutionary telephony service that eliminates the high fees of international calling by routing the calls over the Internet. The result of our collaboration is truly remarkable. We think that this app may have great impact on the way people make international phone calls and really shake up the concept of  international roaming.

Thanks to the openness of the Android platform we have been able to make an app that can make use of Rebtel’s calling service without altering their existing calling behavior in any way. This will give anyone with an Android phone a way to save big money on international calls just by installing the Android app and singing up for Rebtel. And to top it all off: if both ends of the call use the Rebtel Android app, the international part of your call will be completely free!

MobisleApps and Rebtel are really proud of this accomplishment and hope you will like it as much as we do. Please make sure to check out the Beta release, just now presented at the DEMO Conference and very soon available on the Android Market. Search for “Rebtel” or scan the barcode below.

Rebtel Android Market

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Why the Nexus One is a Big Game Changer for Android

As we’ve said in an earlier post, we think Google’s Nexus One is a great device. We tried it out, we loved it, and we begged our oversees friends to get a couple of them shipped to Sweden. While we’re waiting for them to arrive we though we would give our thoughts as to why we think the Nexus One is such a big deal.

Every time a new premium phone is launched with the latest and greatest tech specs, of course people are going to want it. It was the case with the first Android phone, the HTC Hero, the Droid, and now the Nexus One. But it’s different this time. Some might argue that it’s because an Android phone is finally catching up with the iPhone (for real this time), but we think it’s different this time because of Google finally showing it’s true commitment to the platform they launched over 2 years ago.

The Nexus One shows that Google got tired of all the inferior phones created on a whim by hardware pushing companies using their platform and decided they needed to show them how it’s done. To show how good an Android phone can actually be. Having done this, we think this is just the beginning of an era of Google trying to take control of the mobile market and pushing it’s Android platform. We think they’ve already succeeded in making a groundbreaking device, now they need to work on the other parts of the platform where they still lag behind Apple, which is mainly the Android Market, but also content distribution (ie. music, audiobooks, magazines) where we think interesting things will happen. We (wishingly) think that this is what’s next for Google. Just as Apple released the iPhone a year and a half before the AppStore, we think Google needed an Android phone they were really proud of before they could focus on the Android Market and the developer community. I mean, what better way to persuade developers and content producers than to create a really cool device for their stuff? And add to that the increasing Android market share that the Nexus One hopefully will spur. More Android devices, bigger market, more money.

Another point of interest is the potentially big advantage that Google now has over Apple and other competitors, being in control of so many of the web services that mobile users already are dependent on, and ending 2009 with a slew of groundbreaking new services that will take competitors a long time to catch up on. Google are offering these as open source with their Android releases but as we saw with the Nexus One, we suspect they will keep releasing these ahead of the competition coincident with new Google phone releases.

To sum up, we think Google are on right on the track with their mobile strategy. Now they just have to keep pushing and working hard to create great products and services and perfecting the complete Android experience, and we’re confident that Google has the right people to get the job done. The biggest strategic question they have to handle right now is how they are going to tip-toe around the fact that they now are competitors to other Android handset makers. But the move has been made, and we think it’s the right one.