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Hack weekend became “Datey”

So this weekend we decided to get our minds off MobisleNotes and all the consultant work we’re doing for a while and create something brand new. To get the most out of it we decided to move to a non-office environment to get a more fun and playful feeling towards the whole project. This was an important experiment since we on the one hand wanted to create a new exciting app running but at the same time we wanted to learn new stuff.

As the weekend started we decided to go for a dating app concept, since we had done work for a client a couple of months ago touching on this area that never materialized. This meant that some of the earlier stages of the app construction could be reused but we still had to create a completely new backend, frontend and API. Also we worked on both iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 simultaneously, so it obviously wasn’t a walk in the park. The biggest challenge we faced was dealing with a new database structure, NoSQL, which proved to be quite a challenge. It has the ability to handle big amounts of unstructured data in a fast and effective way but lacks some of the searchability of a regular SQL server. We are still figuring out the last details but it feels good to have it under control.

We have named the app Datey and will hopefully start trying it out in Sweden within a couple of weeks. We’re taking a simple approach to the dating and want to avoid any complicated signup processes, forced information requests and huge monthly fees. We also want to make a dating service for everyday people, and not focus just on the people that have a hard time finding dates normally, which is the focus of the market today. In order to make this much smoother we decided to initially go for the Facebook sign-up/sign in procedure which will help the community fill up with basic information and pictures. We have also devised our own super-smart “datey-ratio” that will help people match up based on our own secret formula.

We have set up a pre-signup page were users can sign up before we go live, so hopefully we will have many anticipating singles in the community from the start. Once the app is up and running in Sweden we will launch this site in other countries and once we reach a critical mass we will go live.

Any help of spreading the word will help the app travel the world. So sign up here and help us create the best dating experience around.

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