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For the last couple of months we here at MobisleApps have been working on an exiting new app in a joint venture with navigation services company Appello. It’s an app that uses traffic data in whole new way and puts it to everyday good use for drivers everywhere. We’re calling it NeverLate, and it’s launching for Android very soon.

The problem with traffic data is that even though readily available in most navigation systems, you don’t run your navigation systems most of the time you’re driving because you already know your way around. And traffic disruptions happen so seldom that you don’t turn it on to check because it’s more work than it’s worth. Besides this, even if you do turn it on to check and discover a disruption, you’re most likely already in your car at the regular time you should be leaving, making it so you end up late anyway. This doesn’t make traffic data very useful.

NeverLate turns this all around. It’s a personal traffic assistant that keeps track of all your routes for you, and alerts you only if there’s a traffic situation that requires your attention. NeverLate has your back, whether you’re sleeping or doing whatever, and alerts you in due time so you have time to get ready and leave whenever you have to leave to your destination in time. It’s technology at its finest, invisible until you need it. If you’re driving, you will never have to be late for anything again.

Where currently working very hard to put in the finishing touches on NeverLate and trimming in the traffic data algorithms to make it work as flawlessly as possible, and hoping to launch very soon. If you want to become a premium beta user go to Appello’s website and sign up, and you’ll be kept posted.

With this app where doing Android first due to the greater freedom of the platform, but everything going as planned, look forward to an iPhone version in the not too distant future.

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